Chapter Score Card Overview

Points, levels of standings, and requirements are subject to change per student and administrative feedback.

This shall be completed on a semester basis with the chapters point and level of standing being public, but the breakdown of points and what was submitted shall remain confidential. 

There shall be three levels of standing with each earning different points:
•    Platinum: excellence (3 points per item)
•    Gold: outstanding (2 points per item)
•    Silver: satisfactory (1 point per item)

Each of the levels of standing shall build upon each other. For example, in order to meet the Gold level, all members of the silver level should be completed.

There shall be eight categories that each organization will be evaluated on:

•    Academics
•    Campus presence
•    Inter-Greek relations
•    Chapter operations
•    Service and Philanthropy
•    Health and Safety
•    Membership Development
•    Alumni Relations


Interfraternity Council - Chapter info not accurate due to COVID-19

Panhellenic Council - Chapter info not accurate due to COVID-19